Artificial aging in Xenon UV spray chamber

Client(s):                     Manufacturer of construction elements and construction repair company

Adhesive(s):                MS Polymeer, Siliconen, 1C PU and MMA

Substrates:                  Coated aluminium and plastic

Year:                            2014


Results:                            Xenon UV with waterspray: Suntest XLS+ with Atlas Sunspray

                                    During 4 weeks Xenon-UV with waterspray (ISO 4892-2:2013, Table B.1 - Method A -                                    Cycle no. B1). Artificial aging using a Xenon-lightsource (300 nm - 400 nm) with daylight                                     filter and waterspray. One cycle consists of:

                                    => 102 minutes dry (60 W/m2, BST 65 C), and

                                    => 18 minutes demiwater spray (with simultanious UV light 60 W/m2) 
                                    Results are confidential